Janis Joplin Sings 1960s Live Rendition of “To Love Somebody” Brings Back Great Memories

There aren’t many artists that can capture an audience the way that Janis Joplin did. Her gut-wrenching vocals and emotional lyrics could bring anyone to tears. She was unlike any other musician anyone’s ever seen before.

Her raspy and melodic tone sounded the same, whether you were listening to a recorded album or seeing her live in concert. She spent years of her career traveling with different bands like the Kozmic Blues Band and the Full Tilt Boogie Band.

No matter who Joplin was performing with, people from all over would pay big money to see her show. In 1969, she appeared on The Dick Cavett Show, where she sang The Beegees’, “To Love Somebody.”

Her passion comes through with every note she sings. It’s clear she loved performing for people who enjoyed her music. Her visit to the Dick Cavett Show in 1969 was one of her last live performances on television, and it brings us back to simpler times to watch her sing this lovely song.