Fun 1960s video features classic images

The 1960s were a magnificent decade in America, and this tribute looks at some of the most memorable places and vintage memorabilia.

For many, the 1960s were a decade of possibility and fun – and this compilation brings back those feelings with a lovingly designed series of vintage photographs.

Whether you remember driving through town in your Plymouth or Chevy, pulling up to the drive-in theater or full-service gas station, there are great memories throughout this tribute.

These were the days of the ten-cent McDonald’s hamburger, the days when supermarkets were filled with fresh and affordable groceries.

And most important, it was a time of community, with many activities geared toward the family and toward young people looking to have a good time.

The 1960s were a wonderful decade to be alive, and this retrospective will bring those beautiful memories flooding back.

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Fun 1960s video features classic images