Forgotten appliances from yesteryear that were surprisingly cool

Hey there, buddy! Let me tell you, I just stumbled upon a delightful video that’ll take you on a sweet trip down memory lane. Remember those good old days when our kitchens were filled with quirky and eccentric appliances that were both functional and fun? Those were the days, right? If you’re ready for a healthy dose of nostalgia, this video by MadlyOdd is just what you need!

Do you recall the electric can opener with its built-in knife sharpener? It was a lifesaver for busy families and people with arthritis. And how about the GE wall refrigerator? It was sleek and modern and came in various colors to match any kitchen decor. Talk about a space-saving appliance! But, alas, bigger and more efficient refrigerators eventually replaced them.

Another gem from the past is the telebar, an ingenious piece of furniture combining a bar with a television and radio. It was the ultimate party starter and made entertaining guests a breeze. And oh, the Flare stove! Its retractable stovetop and ovens at eye level added a futuristic touch to our kitchens.

For those with limited kitchen space, the countertop dishwasher was a godsend. It’s fascinating how far we’ve come since then. And who could forget the bizarre yet intriguing Presto hot dogger? Cooking hot dogs in just one minute by sending electricity through them? Crazy, but it worked!

The video also showcases the Ronson Can Do percolator coffee pot, GE Americana breaks front refrigerator, and the Thor Auto Magic washer, which tried to wash both clothes and dishes in the same machine. Not the best idea, but hey, it was a valiant effort!

Now, I know you’re itching to relive those fantastic memories. So why not click on that MadlyOdd video and bask in the glory of forgotten appliances from the past? And when you’re done, don’t forget to like and share the video because it’ll bring back warm memories for others too!

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Forgotten appliances from yesteryear that were surprisingly cool