Bizarre Home Features We’ve Forgotten

Rediscovering Nostalgia Through Our Homes

Once upon a time, homes were imbued with character, intricately interweaving functionality with the artistry of design. As you journey through the video below, you’ll discover the homes of yesteryears were a tapestry of strange and obsolete features, all of which carry stories steeped in the eras they belong to.

The Charm of Sleeping Porches and Dutch Doors

Imagine, if you will, sleeping porches where half-inside, half-outside spaces offered a cool reprieve for balmy summer nights or a healing retreat for those in ill health. Or perhaps consider the convenience of Dutch doors, split horizontally in the middle, a design that harkens back to 18th century Dutch settlers. Open the top half, and you let in the sun and air, all while keeping unwanted animals out.

Functional Artistry in Wall Anchor Plates and Coal Chutes

Houses of old presented unique quirks such as wall anchor plates, peculiar metal plates preventing bricks from bowing or collapsing, and coal chutes, tiny iron doors leading to the basement, a testament to a time when coal was the household fuel of choice.

Remnants of the Past: Oil Tanks and Ice Delivery Doors

And let’s not forget the old oil tanks hidden in basements, once a cleaner alternative to coal, or the small exterior access doors facilitating the delivery of fresh ice, an essential element for food preservation in the days before refrigeration.

Preserving the Past: Hoosier Cabinets and Boot Scrapers

From Hoosier cabinets that doubled as kitchen workstations to boot scrapers that kept mud out of homes before paved streets, these features provide a nostalgic journey through the architectural past. As Jesus taught us to appreciate and learn from our past, these unique elements of our homes serve as silent teachers, reminding us of simpler times.

Dive into this sea of nostalgia because it provides a unique lens to appreciate the past and understand how it shaped the present. Do watch the video below, like, and share it. Let’s continue to unearth these fond memories, one click at a time.

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Bizarre Home Features We\'ve Forgotten