When This Dog’s Mom Wants Him Out Of the Baby’s Crib, the Pup’s Reaction Is Adorable!

When babies and puppies grow together they become virtually inseparable. In this clip, you will see an enthusiastic Boston Terrier trying to further his bond with his human baby brother. Even against their mother’s wishes.

Meet Humphrey, he is an adorable Boston Terrier and obviously a good family companion. Humphrey seems to have made good friends with the family’s newborn baby.

In fact, Humphrey can’t wait to climb into the crib with the baby. The baby doesn’t seem to mind at all, in fact, the child seems to be enjoying Humphrey’s antics.

But Humphrey and the baby’s mother is less their thrilled. She tells Humphrey to get out of the crib. Humphrey does listen and jumps out. But guess what before long Humphrey is again jumping into the baby’s crib.

The baby is thrilled and jubilant to see Humphrey back. This time when the mother tries to tell Humphrey to get out of the crib, Humphrey doesn’t listen but just sits there in the crib along with the baby.

Eventually, the mom has to give into the two playmates and let Humphrey stay in the crib. So, in the end, both baby’s got their way and seem quite happy about it.

When This Dog\'s Mom Wants Him Out Of the Baby\'s Crib, the Pup\'s Reaction Is Adorable!