When George Met Debbie: 135 Pound Dog Becomes BFF With Tiny Piglet

Animal odd couples are, objectively, the best, and such was the case of Debbie the piglet and her 135-lb mastiff pal George.

From the moment that tiny Debbie the pig was brought home, George fell instantly in love. His mom said he could not get enough of her, and most likely thought of her not as another species, but just as a baby.

Debbie bonded just as quickly with George, taking a spot on his dog bed. She had a very forward personality, the sort that would climb on the dog to get attention. Her mom said that Debbie would demand that you love her no matter what.

George is a lover of all kinds of cute little animals. The family’s Instagram is filled to the brim with Georg cuddling geese, children, and fluffy chickens. No doubt, this dog is living his best life.