Stylish Fold-Out Murphy Pet Bed Will Be On Your ‘Need Now’ List

The Abigail Murphy Pet Bed by New Age Pet is a luxury fold-out bed available in two sizes and two different colors. This is the ideal solution for fashion-conscious pet lovers to provide their four-legged friends with a handy bed in an area that’s in common view. Gone is the need for unsightly bedding in the middle of nowhere.

The neutral tones of espresso or antique white match a broad range of aesthetics, while the foldaway design mimics a cupboard, not in use. It also doubles as a side table! When the doors open, a plush bed unfolds. Depending on the size, there’s either one large square sized bed or a bigger rectangular surface for your dog to rest.

Once you’ve seen the stylish looks and practical design, you’ll fall in love with this fantastic innovation and may want one for every room. There’s enough depth for any sized dog to sleep comfortably, while the Abigail Pet Murphy Bed benefits from many other functional integrations. Bonus features like the ability to secure the unit to a wall are invaluable.

Stylish Fold-Out Murphy Pet Bed Will Be On Your \'Need Now\' List