Skye Is 3-Years-Old And Her BFF Is A Precious Shetland Pony

Horses are some of the most stunning creatures on the planet. They are a class of their own, aren’t they? Not only are they beautiful to look at, but their large stature is also quite powerful. But not all horses are huge and bulky.

Take ponies for example. These little guys could be tiny compared to their bigger counterparts, but their looks and friendly temperaments are the same.

Meet Gucci. This little Shetland pony is best friends with a little girl named Skye. And in this video, we get to see some adorable moments between the two.

You are going to melt when you see their bond. I couldn’t stop my smile when I saw Skye ride Gucci around. They play together, train together, and run together. It’s truly heartwarming.