Retriever Shows Her Skills When Mom Takes Her Favorite Teddy For A Wash

Many of us had a favorite toy growing up. And this Golden Retriever in the video below it seems is like every one of us. This adorable girl has a favorite teddy bear that she just can’t do without. Mom wanted to give it a wash since it had become dirty, but wait till you see how the dog responded.

Her parents know how their dog feels when she gets separated from her teddy bear. Her dad says that the Golden Retriever is besotted with her toy. So her parents secretly set up a “sting operation” to see how long it would take her to steal the teddy out of the washing machine. I was in hysterics when the pooch stealthily came in and rescued her teddy in no time!

Mom left the washing machine door open, knowing she would find it in there. But the filming of this is genius. We don’t just get a view of the dog’s backside while she takes the teddy bear out of the washing machine. These parents put a camera IN the washing machine! We get the best view ever!

This little cutie pokes her head in the machine, looking forlorn and lost without her toy. She knows it’s in there though, and she puts her entire head in the machine and delicately retrieves her most prized possession. It’s so cute and so funny to watch!