Baby Pygmy Goat Is Happy Dancing And We Can’t Get Enough

We love baby goats. Their energy is infectious, and they never fail to make us smile. Even when they fall over, they don’t let it bother them, they just get up and keep going.

Just like these two baby goats who have entered the world very recently. They have boundless energy, which you can see from their non-stop movements. I got tired, just watching them jump around. They look like they are having so much fun, though. I take that back – I could never get tired of watching these fellas bounce around like little Ping Pong balls. It’d be so much fun to play with them. I wanted to run in and pet them.

Both of these goats have a joy that radiates through the screen. They are only a couple of days old and darn it, they are HAPPY to be alive. Their bouncy moves show that for sure. If they could talk, they would be like, “YEAH! LIFE IS GOOD! Let’s DANCE!” Their favorite movie is probably “Footloose” – the original version, not that lame remake. Kevin Bacon for life! It’s a good thing there were no pigs in this video, I might have offended one of them.

There were two “Happy Feet” movies made. If they ever make a third one, they need to have a baby pygmy goat be one of the main characters. Yeah, a penguin can dance around a bit, but nothing beats one of these little fellas for sheer tap dancing fun. There could even be a scene where the penguin and the goat have a dance-off. Oh, it’s not like you wouldn’t watch it, right? Hollywood, feel free to give them a call.

Baby Pygmy Goat Is Happy Dancing And We Can\'t Get Enough