Tiny Little Piglet Is Sound Asleep Until He Hears Mom Say ‘Outside’

Our little piglet in the video is curled up snuggly in a sweet little nest that his pet-mom has made for him; he even has a heat lamp keeping him nice and toasty warm. He has snuggled in so deep in the wood-chips, you can barely see anything but his bottom sticking out, and then mom calls out to him.

This little guy gets so excited when he hears his mom. He jumps out of the little burrow he has made for himself and comes trotting over, cute as can be. But it is the little noises he makes as he comes towards the camera that are the cutest.

The following clip shows us a piglet calmly sleeping on a pile of wood chips. He’s sleeping as soundly as you can imagine, he’s probably dreaming of a nice and cool puddle of mud. When his human mother comes to take him out to play, he reacts in a way that will make your heart melt instantly.

Lots of folks don’t realize it, but baby pigs are some of the most adorable creatures on Earth. When you see how they move their tiny ears, their little twisted tail and their funky little snouts, you’ll see why they have “cutest” written all over them.

Tiny Little Piglet Is Sound Asleep Until He Hears Mom Say \'Outside\'