New baby receives a hero’s welcome from the family dog

They say dogs know when there’s going to be a new member of the family. This chihuahua is overjoyed to finally meet him!

Nine months is a long time for humans to wait for their new bundle of joy to arrive. Imagine how much longer that is in dog years. Quica the chihuahua has been waiting so long to meet the new baby that he simply can’t contain his excitement.

Quica’s tail wags so fast it’s a blur as dad lowers the new baby to meet him. Baby Nicolas is fast asleep and Quica immediately rolls over onto his back in submission. It’s like he wants to lay next to his baby brother.

You just know that this chihuahua is going to protect this baby for years to come. The way he shows his belly and rolls around on the floor are adorable. He wants to protect this baby so badly.

It’s no wonder, either. He’s been waiting a long time to meet his new best friend. Nicolas and Quica are sure to be friends for life after a meeting like this.

Quica is so gentle with the baby and seems to ask his dad if he can sniff him. With a sweet dog like this at his side, baby Nicolas is already off to a great start!

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New baby receives a hero’s welcome from the family dog