Mama Cow Seeks Help From Stranger For Her Newborn In Danger

A lone pedestrian discovers it only takes being in the right place at the right time to change a life.

It is a sunny day on Millbrook, Ontario, the sky is as blue as can be, furthermore, there’s not a single cloud on sight, this place looks like a movie scene. We are shown a beautiful greenfield, that extends really far from sight, and there’s a lone cow standing next to a small lake, she looks quite upset for some reason. The cow is constantly stomping on the ground, using so much force that she’s digging up the ground beneath her, oh this looks like trouble. She’s looking at a spot on the nearby fence and then to the man filming the scene.

This man who found this cow is Dave, and he is a bit curious, is this cow planning a lucky escape? Well, as he gets closer to the fence, he sees a mark on the cow’s ear, her name is Flo, and then he finds what the fuss is all about, wow, it’s a newborn calf lying on a slope under the fence, this cow is a mother calling for help! What a predicament, the baby calf fell just outside the fence, which is electrified, it must have been born that same day, but we notice it’s been some time under the sun all alone.

If this wasn’t enough, the fence is just next to a busy highway, cars pass by continuously. If that calf doesn’t get back to its mom, thins could go very badly, and this man knows he has to do something. On a brave attempt to help, this everyday hero slowly walks near the calf, but beware! The mom is getting nervous, and we know that a mother is capable of anything to protect her babies, that fence won’t contain her fury if the calf is harmed.

If this man isn’t careful, he’ll be the one calling for help next, but he doesn’t flinch, he’s willing to do what it takes to solve the situation. On the 1:16 mark, we can see this everyday hero trying to push the calf back into the fence, we do hope the mother doesn’t think he’s trying to hurt the baby! Viewers were really worried while watching this video, and many agreed that Dave had a lot of courage to help especially with a nervous cow nearby. A fan said “He risked himself (he was getting shocked by the fence) to help the baby calf” in regards to his bravery. Another person said “Thank you, Dave, what a kind heart to go through all that hustle to listen to a troubled cow…” in congratulations to his good deed.

Mama Cow Seeks Help From Stranger For Her Newborn In Danger