Labrador Zooms With Joy When She Meets Her New Pal

“It’s always so adorable to see the videos of people being surprised with a puppy as a gift. After wanting one for so long, the looks of pure joy on their faces is priceless, especially when it is a child. There is just something so special about the moment.

Humans aren’t the only ones who love getting a puppy as a gift. This video shows the sweetest reaction a dog got when her owners surprised her with a puppy. The fact that the dogs can’t speak doesn’t matter, because this dog’s body language says it all.

Living in Riverside, California, Arden is a playful black lab who is just full of life. Her loving parents decided that it was time to add to their family and get Arden a new friend. Everyone needs a companion after all.

Wondering what a mysterious white box is doing in her yard, Arden cautiously approaches it. She circled it, sniffing the air and the holes in the box. A strange but exciting smell is in there. What could it be?

Suddenly, the top of the box starts moving and startles Arden a bit. To her surprise, a little, furry head pops up and knocks the lid of the box off. Inside the box is a small, white puppy.

After literally one second of surprise, Arden becomes completely elated. Her tail goes so fast that the entire lower half of her body is wagging back and forth. She dances excitedly in circles around the box that holds her new friend, Stella.

Arden shoves her nose in the box to get some good sniffs of the puppy and tries to encourage her to come out play. She immediately knows that she and Stella will be best friends, but Stella may take some convincing it seems.

In sheer delight, Arden starts running circles around the yard in celebration. Her uncontained enthusiasm is just so adorable. Stella and Arden will be best friends in no time at all and will be running in circles in the yard together.”

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Labrador Zooms With Joy When She Meets Her New Pal