Patient Labrador Adopts Three Kittens And One Is Full Of Mischief

This video will give you a cuteness overload, be warned! You better brace yourself, ‘cause you have no idea what’s coming to you. This might be the cutest video ever, and it has taken the internet by storm!

A dog has decided to adopt 3 baby kittens, and it’s probably one of the most adorable things I’ve seen. Some people believe that cats and dogs can’t ever live together in the same house, but that couldn’t possibly be further from the truth. If you don’t believe me, this cute animal family will prove it to you instantly.

This very kind-hearted dog has triggered his maternal instincts to save the lives of 3 adorable kittens, and he has an infinite amount of patience, apparently. The 3 kittens climb on top of him while he’s taking a nap, and he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it in the least.

And if that’s not enough to make your heart melt, the ending is just basically pure joy. If you don’t believe me, watch it yourself in the second 52 of this short video. You’ll be in love with this cute family!

Watch this adorable bunch for yourself in the video just below from here, and share it with your friends while you’re at it!