Incredible Taking Amazon Delivers A Series Of Adorable Funny Songs

Joe, the birdman, is a bird trainer extraordinaire. He has spent his life working around birds, but here on America’s Got Talent, he has brought with him the most remarkable feathered star he has ever seen. Tika is a talking Amazon parrot rescued a year prior.

In thirty-eight years of working closely with exotic birds, Joe has never encountered a better talker. Tika, the Amazon parrot, not only knows a wide vocabulary, but she enjoys singing as well. Her happiness can be seen and felt in every moment of her show.

Tike loves singing even more than talking, but the only problem is that she knows so many songs that it was growing hard to ask her to sing the right one. Within no time, Tika adjusted to singing off-colored cue card triggers, even following into an impromptu duet.

You’ll be flabbergasted by the heartfelt bond shared by Joe, the birdman, and Tika. This is a parrot that loves entertaining, but even the most talkative birds would struggle to keep up with her superior intellect and non-stop talking.