Girls Dancing In The Paddock With Their Horse – Doing The ‘Neigh-Neigh,’ Of Course

Tripping the light fantastic is always a blast when you’re goofing off with friends and family—or even your livestock. That’s what happened when these young girls decided to cut a rug in their horse pen.

The beautiful equine was equipped and ready to take someone for a ride when the sisters started moving to the music their mother was playing, and the horse got jiggy with it, too. Move over, Mr. Ed.

Fortunately for the rest of us, their mother captured the performance on video and posted it online. It’s so funny it’s been seen nearly a million times.

The horse can’t breakdance, but it can certainly cut a rug with its fancy hoofwork. What a terrific and unusual four-legged friend for this family. The young women danced to Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)”—make that “neigh-neigh”—but soon broke into laughter when they saw the horse grooving right along with them.

Experts at Equine Wellness, a magazine for horse enthusiasts, say horses are known to enjoy music, especially songs with lots of rhythm. The magazine’s website states that the type of music isn’t as important as the beat.

While swaying to the tune, the horse moves its legs just as his two-legged sisters standing near him.

Does the horse have a future in show biz? Mom surely hopes so! See the wildly entertaining video below—

Girls Dancing In The Paddock With Their Horse – Doing The \'Neigh-Neigh,\' Of Course