German Shepherd Meets The New Ginger Kitty And It’s Love At First Sight

This True-Life Tale of Unlikely Love Will Have You In Awe Of The Joy That These Two Pets Share

Beck and Bleu are the best of friends, but a more unlikely pair is hard to find. This German Shepherd shows his true good nature as few others can, accepting a young striped ginger kitten into the family. Watch as the wiry, spindly young kitty claws &paws at this laid-back family friend forming an unbreakable bond over six months.

One-year-old Beck looked more nervous than anything else when he was introduced to this playful kitten. Little did he know that the orange ball of fur would soon become his very best friend, a lifelong partner &playmate.

To the tiny cat which they called Bleu, young Beck must have looked like a giant. Yet, this didn’t deter the bouncy one from making friends. After all, Beck’s intelligence sure shows how keenly aware of just how much bigger and stronger he is than his new friend. You couldn’t hope for a kinder soul.

Gentle from the very first moment, this heartwarming video takes you through a look at a relationship that shows you just how much Beck came to love Bleu. As if growing in energy and playful enthusiasm as the two came to know each other better, the games just got faster, a little rougher, and filled with far more fun.

This moving bond shows just how much love an animal raised with love can give. Always by each others’ side, always affectionate, and even cuddling together to sleep – Beck and Bleu don’t spend a minute apart.

Watch this duo, cat and dog, bond from the moment tiny Bleu was made a part of the family and adopted as a brother by an eager but gentle Beck.

German Shepherd Meets The New Ginger Kitty And It\'s Love At First Sight