Fastest Way To Warm Up A Freezing Calf Is To Hop Into The Hot Tub With Him, Of Course

Saving the lives of animals is one of the things that defines being human and humane. People are capable of feeling compassion and acting accordingly. Sometimes the simplest things a person can do can mean the world of difference for an animal in distress.

People around the world have shown compassion for animals and are not afraid to step in, even putting themselves in harm’s way to save an animal in danger from animals that have fallen into traps, or that have been victims of abuse or the elements.

The farmer in our video below was faced with a situation that required him to think fast on his feet. During the winter, he had to keep a close eye on the livestock, including and especially knowing where the pregnant cows were in case they needed help.

One pregnant cow slipped the farmer’s attention, though. She gave birth through the icy night, and her calf was nearly frozen when he found it. As an avid watcher of nature and wildlife shows, this farmer knew he had to get this calf into a warm bath as quickly as possible.

That seems like a logical step, but of course, on a farm in the middle of winter, a warm bath for a calf seems a bit far fetched in organizing, though. And time was running out. This calf needed to get warm, and fast.

Then the farmer remembered something and off he went, the calf in his arms. Straight to the hot tub. With no hesitation, this dedicated farmer jumped right into the hot tub with the calf and sat in there with him for over an hour, bringing the calf slowly back to a safe temperature.

This farmer’s quick thinking, no doubt, saved the life of that little calf. While the farmer laughs that his hot tub may never be the same, and needs a heck of a clean, he has no regrets. That is one lucky calf and a very happy farmer, indeed.

Fastest Way To Warm Up A Freezing Calf Is To Hop Into The Hot Tub With Him, Of Course