Four Paws Animal Rescue Group In Brazil Sets Up In A Pet Store For The Day

There are many animal rescue organizations all around the world who are tirelessly working every single day. Even though they rescue dogs and bring them to the animal shelters, there are many people who rather pay for the dogs in the pet store than adopt a rescued dog. That is why many animal shelters get overcrowded, and many dogs get euthanized.

In this video, a non-profit organization strikes a deal with a pet shop. They take the animal displaying space of the pet shop for a day and put rescued pups in the store. The customers gradually pick their favorite dog, and when they ask for the price, they are told that they can take it for free.

Initially, they are totally shocked, but they accept the offer and take the pup with them. “Better than buying a life is saving one.” Watch this heartrending video.