Elderly Goldfish Wears Flotation Device To Help Her Keep Swimming

Meet Sally. This beautiful goldfish is already 23 years old. This makes her 161 years old in dog years. She used to be an active fish, but the effects of her old age have started to show themselves of late. Sally struggled to stay afloat and swim around for a few months. This not only hurt her but also her owner as well.

Her owner’s boyfriend, Aidan, says it was heartbreaking to watch the little thing struggle. But instead of not doing anything, Aidan decided to help Sally out. He made a flotation device to help the tiny fish regain her buoyancy.

Aiden wrote in the description, “For the past few months she was stuck on the bottom of her tank. It was heartbreaking. So I made her a little lifejacket and now she’s killing it.”