Dog Barks Out Window As Fox Brazenly Steals His Favorite Toy

While living up in rural Yukon, Canada, it was only a matter of time before this dog, and his owner ran across some wild animals. Although it was expected they would see some moose or maybe even a bear, they never imagined they would be watching a fox playing with the dog’s favorite toy. And since the fox is outside and the dog isn’t, all he can do is resentfully watch on.

While wildlife can be both beautiful and threatening, it indeed is a normal part of life for many people who live in rural communities.

For some like myself, we have hummingbirds, songbirds, and squirrels.  I have a fountain out, so they have fresh water to drink during the summer.  I also grow flowers and put feeders out to attract specific birds.  Occasionally I have a visit from a squirrel I named Doug who happens to like digging up my flowers, but I don’t do anything to make him leave.

For Samantha Ng and her dog, Lupe Johnson came across this fox in their yard, Lupe got noticeably jealous when the fox started playing with his toy.

Fortunately, the entire experience was caught on video. We see the fox joyfully running back and forth. He is having a ridiculously good time. But for poor Lupe who is stuck inside with his human, he has to watch as the wild fox plays with his toy contemptuously.

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Dog Barks Out Window As Fox Brazenly Steals His Favorite Toy