Dalmatian Expecting A Small Litter Gives Birth To Record-Breaking 18 Puppies

There were real-life 101 Dalmatians scenes after a pedigree pooch vets thought was expecting three puppies gave birth to a record-breaking 18-strong litter.

The huge brood – the biggest in Australian history and equal to the current world record – was born to three-year-old Dalmatian mother Miley in Ballarat, Victoria. Breeder Cecilia Langton-Bunker said the ‘fairytale’ posse of puppies, who initially needed bottle-feeding every four hours, draw constant comparisons with the Disney flick.

But the 12 female and six male pups, whose mum and dad are both first-time parents, were all the more surprising because vets initially predicted just THREE bundles of joy. Cecilia, 43, who runs CC Dalmatians, said:

“The vet expected to have about three puppies, and everything was going smoothly. Then, the vet realizes he has made a mistake. I knew there would be more, but this is crazy… and I love every one of ’em!”