Cows Come Running To Greet Man Serenading Them With His Trumpet

Cows are one of the most naïve, leisurely, and lackadaisical species of the whole animal kingdom; from this, you can correctly assume that getting them to do your bidding, especially when it comes to moving can be notoriously hard!

Cows are a notoriously unhurried species, known for taking their sweet time. If you picture a cow chomping on some hay on a hot summer day at the farm as I do, this probably comes as no surprise. There’s not much mystery to the life of a cow or steer, but I was very, very surprised by what happens in this next video.

Music appeals to many animals; however, I never knew how effective it was to lure, even these lazy, yet adorable animals. It makes sense, however, because who doesn’t love a little music in their life? Yet it’s so fascinating to me that the cows in the following video come so close to the man after just a few seconds of him playing the trumpet.

There are others there also, playing other instruments. They have a table to sit and enjoy the countryside with their new friends they have serenaded. What a delightful day in the countryside!