Cowboy Crooner Forces Dramatic Four Chair Turn On ‘The Voice’

Dexter Roberts Brings the Country with “Like a Cowboy”

The Voice is in its sixteenth season now, and the contestants only seem to be getting better with each year.  Viewers always look forward to the blind audition process at the beginning of each new season.  It’s always exciting to have all four judges turn their chairs for a contestant.

One of these contestants was twenty-seven-year-old Dexter Roberts from Alabama.  Some people may recognize him because he’s already been on a singing competition before.  Back in 2014, Dexter was on the thirteenth season of American Idol, where he made it to the top seven.  According to TV Guide, the singer had to drop out due to health reasons.

Now, with a few more years’ experience under his belt, Dexter is determined to make it on The Voice. For his blind audition, this country singer chose Randy Houser’s “Like a Cowboy” to showcase his vocal ability.

With guitar in hand, Dexter starts the biggest audition of his life.  Within just a few notes, Dexter’s big voice impresses the audience and the coaches.  Coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend all hit their buzzers at nearly the exact same time.  What a surprise Dexter got to see three judges all turning at once for him.

Dexter’s voice is warm and inviting, yet so emotional at the same time.  The crowd started applauding when he got to the high point of the song, and he wowed the coaches – so much, that both Kelly and Blake stood to their feet before the song was even over.  At the very last second, the final and fourth coach Adam Levine hit his buzzer.

John Legend had nothing but praise for the singer: “You sounded beautiful.  Your low stuff was, like, so rich and the baritone was beautiful. And then you hit the power notes at the end. Everything was perfect!”

Adam added, “What you do is astounding, and I just wanted to pay my respect by pressing my button.”

Kelly, Adam, and John all ganged up on Blake in an attempt to sway Dexter from joining Blake’s team.  It’s always so entertaining to watch the judges fight over a talented singer.  Dexter just stood on stage quietly and let them all banter back and forth.

What team do you think Dexter chose?  The obvious choice seems to be Blake Shelton, but sometimes contestants don’t always do what’s expected! 

Cowboy Crooner Forces Dramatic Four Chair Turn On ‘The Voice’