Cat In Charge Of Babysitting Toddler Insists It’s Nap Time

The mark of a truly good friend is that they know you better than you know yourself. Oftentimes, these friends can see that you need something long before you ever even consider it. A good friend always has your back, and they are always upfront and honest with you about what you need. This is a great quality to have in a friend, albeit, sometimes mildly irritating.

While most of us can think of at least one or two friends that are like this, there is one friend in your life that you would never imagine ever to have this quality. It is a friend that usually just lets you be whoever you want to be. It is a friend that is usually asking you for lots of stuff and doesn’t even ask any questions about how you live your life. This is a friend that most of us have, but we typically don’t expect them to have any significant concern for us. This friend is a housecat.

Most of the time, cats sit around all day, totally judgment-free. They enjoy a good nap and love to be petted. If they ever do voice any concern or annoyance, it is typically because you have infringed upon their peace and quiet. These feline friends are typically loners who are always looking out for number one, themselves.

Well, this adorable cat breaks all of those stereotypes. In this hilarious video, a family’s cat sits down next to a baby while he is taking a nap. Suddenly, the baby wakes up. He thinks this is the end of the nap, but this responsible cat takes it upon himself to let this boy know that nap time is not over. You can’t help but laugh as much as the baby’s dad (who is recording) – this cat is seriously bossy.

Cat In Charge Of Babysitting Toddler Insists It\'s Nap Time