Awesome Story Of Bandit The Bull, Freed After a Lifetime in Chains

I’ve heard the sayings about the friendship between men and dogs. You know, man’s best friend and all that. A lot of people I know have a dog. I treasure every moment I get to spend with him. Dogs are just cool, they are very expressive and have become very predictable thanks to the many years we have shared together.

But have you heard the saying, “a bull is man’s best friend?” Probably not. In fact, most of the things we have heard around bulls tend to be more on the negative side. Bulls are known for one thing: their strength. And yes, it is true. Bulls can be dangerous if you are a person who is looking to harm them. But like most ranchers who have bulls will tell you, they are not that dangerous.

Bulls like many animals are territorial, just like dogs and even cats. But remember that the only reason that we think bulls charge people on sight, is because they are trying to survive the lost cause that bullfighting is.

Meet Bandit the bull. He never got the chance to be the kind of bull that many of us picture. He spent much of his life tied up inside a barn. He was forced to live a life that was just sad. Fortunately, his situation had a happy ending. I won’t spoil the story for you.