You’ll Never Look At A Plate Of Food The Same Way Again After Watching This Video

We probably don’t often think about where our groceries come from, but the hard-working farmer never stops obsessing over our next meal. In this beautiful essay by legendary radio personality, Paul Harvey, these American heroes finally get the recognition they so rightly deserve.

While most megacorps beef up the production to capture viewers’ attention during the SuperBowl, Ram Trucks opted for a more simplistic presentation in this moving commercial. Entitled “Farmer,” this ode doesn’t need much more than Paul Harvey’s rich narration and a few heart-touching images to pack a punch.

The most beautiful thing about this clip, however, is its authenticity – each image portrays the gritty everyday life of the American farmer without any glitz or glam, creating a sense of camaraderie we can all relate to.

Aside from the subtle product placement for Ram Trucks, this is the most stunning tribute to our humble farmers that we have ever seen. And it’s sure to change the way you look at food for the rest of your life.