Wood carving experts masterfully turn wood into replica Audi Q7

Wooden Audi Q7

Occasionally, there comes along a talented artist who manages to blend functionality with artistry in a showpiece that exceeds even the highest expectations. This wood carver achieves his goal with a gorgeous model car.

He filmed the entire project on a timelapse video for the YouTube channel Woodworking Art, which has already amassed over 2 million subscribers. Based on this project, there will surely be more to come.

It is surprising and incredibly impressive that he was able to build a model of the 2021 Audi Q7 entirely out of wood. There are no excess parts, no unnecessary details.

Each part of the car works wonderfully to serve a particular function for the car. There is a beautiful combination of art and purpose at play in this design, and the finished design is ready for use.

Wooden Audi Q7

Some of the more impressive design details are the frame, which features a swivel engineering upgrade that allows it to move freely as the car turns. This alone sets it apart from many model cars.

Even better, he designed windows that can be rolled up and down. It is rare to find this level of detail in a model car, and that is made even more remarkable when considering that it is made entirely of wood.

Although this wood carver has already generated a large following for his work, there is no doubt that more viewers will be arriving soon to witness his skill and precision – and to admire his finished products.

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