Wood carver creates amazing Native American with wolves, using a chainsaw

Wood carver uses chainsaw to produce Native American and wolves

When most people look at a large block of wood, they see exactly that: a slab of material with no other purpose or promise. But for one wood carver, there is so much more.

This wood carver looks at his materials differently – where anyone else would see a piece of wood and nothing else, he can see the opportunity to create amazing and memorable works of art.

He recently achieved that remarkable vision when he quickly and impressively produced a stunning art piece that featured a Native American man wearing ceremonial headdress and surrounded by two wolves.

Perhaps most incredible of all was that he completed the majority of the project using a chainsaw. In the world of wood carving, there are so many other tools that would more effectively complete a project than a bulky chainsaw.

Wood carver uses chainsaw to produce Native American and wolves

However, that is a credit to the skill and talent that this wood carver possesses. He quickly drew a picture on a sheet of paper, then immediately set to work producing what would become a masterpiece.

Using his chainsaw, he cut away at the wood, guided by a drawing that he had reproduced on the wood itself. As wood chips and dust went flying, the outline of his artwork slowly began to emerge.

He worked brilliantly over the course of several hours and days until the image was mostly complete. Only when he was nearly finished did he switch to more refined tools to complete the beautiful project.

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