Widow loves her new look (and says her husband would, too)

Sweet, sassy Barbara, 76, was more than ready to change up her look after her husband’s death. She couldn’t have chosen a better place to go for her makeover.

Barbara, 76, didn’t know what she wanted when she walked into Christoper Hopkins’s salon. Her husband had passed away two months prior, and this was a bit bittersweet for her.

However, she didn’t let that get her down. Sweet and sassy Barbara made sure to tell Christopher that she trusted him to decide what to do with her hair – a decision that he loves to hear.

“Extra glamorous,” he declares, then works at fixing her hair. With a smooth cut and style, Barbara was already looking much different (and much younger)! Next, she sat in the makeup chair and learned some tips for keeping herself looking great.

Afterward, as Christoper was showing off her new look, Barbara laughed and joked, flirting a bit with the famous hairstylist as she reviewed her look. She says she looks amazing, and she’s more than happy with her look.

Barbara is a sweetheart, and it doesn’t take much to see that her confidence is restored. She has a new lease on life thanks to Christopher and his amazing makeover skills!

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Widow loves her new look (and says her husband would, too)