The curious reasons why hats went out of fashion

Man Wearing Hat

Have you looked at photos or movies of men in previous decades and noticed that most are wearing hats? Hats were commonly worn for most of the day. This is not a common practice today. Here are a few reasons why.

Man Wearing Hat

The simplest reason comes down to climate. Today, we have the luxury of heated cars, homes, and workplaces. In the early 1900s, these features were not available to many. As a result, a hat served the purpose of keeping people warm in a fashionable manner.

Interestingly, there is less space in cars today, which is why not many wear hats while driving. Since society is now so accustomed to wearing hats as a fashion accessory, the fundamental purpose of the hat is easily forgotten.

Man Wearing Hat

In addition to its practicality, the hat also had societal significance. Before the World Wars, hats could signify social class. After the wars and as society progressed, hats became more of an accessory. It set you apart as an individual rather than as a class.

The photos and movies commonly have men wearing hats as accessories. This differs today since both men and women wear hats. And they do not necessarily wear different hats; women are just as likely to don a baseball cap.


Seeing men in hats represents a classic time. It was like a standard uniform that added some pizazz to ordinary life. While each generation has an accessory of choice, the hat for men in the early 1900s was such a simple statement.

Hats are still worn today, but they are not the wardrobe staple they once were. Back in the day, it was simply all about the hats.

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