Unsuspecting Family Finds $1 Million Cash on Street Before Bringing It to Police

Can you imagine going on a relaxing afternoon drive with your family when you suddenly find yourself with a million bucks in your possession? One Virginia-based family experienced this first-hand and is being praised for their honest actions.

When the car driving in front of them swerved to avoid a massive bag in the middle of the road, Emily Schantz pulled over. She and her family were being good citizens when they put the bag in their car to bring it home.

Assuming it was full of trash or old clothes for donation, they didn’t think twice about it. Once they got home, they opened it up and found piles of cash totaling just under one million dollars.

Emily and her husband decided to teach their son a lesson in honesty. They turned every last penny over to their local police department and told them what had happened. It makes us wonder, what would you do if you found a large sum of money in the middle of the road?