Two “street boys” gather wood for fuel and kind stranger steps in

“What do you do with the wood?” the man asks. The boy responds that his electricity is off and he is looking for wood for the generator. The Good Samaritan asks the boys to take him to their home. The younger boy holds a large branch and smartly tells the man that his mother doesn’t allow him to climb into cars with strangers. Smart guy.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

The man acknowledges the boys’ wits and walks with them home instead. As they approach a large fenced area with dirt, dogs bark, and a lady, the youngest boy’s mother approaches. The man introduces himself and asks about the family’s situation.

The mother explains that they do not have power since the lockdown started. The lockdown she refers to is likely the South African lockdown occurring because of the coronavirus outbreak. The mother says that her boyfriend is a “car guard” who doesn’t make much money but that he helps with food.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

When the man asks the woman how he can help, she simply responds with “wood and petrol” needed for the generator.

The kind man doesn’t hesitate. He asks the woman if he and her son can go to the gas station to get what they need. On the car ride there, the little boy, who can barely see above the dashboard, peers out the windshield and says a heartwarming, “you are my best friend,” to the man.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

At the gas pump, they fill giant gasoline containers for the generator. The man also hands the family groceries he’s bought for them. A lady with a visible baby bump stands by, and the mother says she will deliver anytime.

The man holds the pregnant woman some money and has her count it. They are grateful for the gift, and the man jokes and laughs as they become fast friends.

The little boy asks if he will come back tomorrow. What a blessing this kindness is to the family in need.

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