Video Is Like Looking Into A Time Capsule From The 1950s

When we look back at all the different decades, we can find some amazing things. It’s important to keep some memories of the past. I believe this is the most crucial of all. If we don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past, we must remember where we or others have fallen short. We must hold ourselves up to the harsh standards of an era to better realize that we won’t be pushed back. We won’t regress into a mistake that someone is famous for making.

This video is an exemplary look into life in the fifties. It’s quite well put together and really focused on some of the most important figures, inventions, and social movements that continue rippling to this day. The fifties kicked off a lot of massive change. It was quite a bittersweet time. McDonald’s sold a hamburger for 15cents! That just blows my mind. The cost of living may have raised from then till now, but to remember when things financially were easier always makes me envious.

Take anything and compare the costs to that of the fifties and your head will spin. College, for instance, was in the THREE digits for an undergraduate school. That’s room and board included. Nowadays, for an undergraduate, tuition alone is in the FIVE digits. To add up all the rest of the fees, it would cost a years’ worth of pay for most. The prices back in the day really make me envious.

This video will send you on a trip back to the 1950s to explore the culture and societal icons that defined the era. There are some interesting insights into the McCarthyism and racism that was widespread during this time also.

We look back and remember great figures like Einstein, Jackie Robinson, John Cameron Swayze, the Rat pack, Elvis, Monroe! There were so many social figures and ideas that changed everything from our social standpoint on sex, to making breakthroughs in science, to entertaining. The fifties were definitely a turning point for some in American history.

Video Is Like Looking Into A Time Capsule From The 1950s