TikTok Teen Gets Stuck in Baby Swing and Has to Be Rescued by Firefighters

A British 14-year-old got more attention she bargained for when what was supposed to be a funny TikTok video turned into a rescue response from the local fire brigade. The teen had to be professionally removed from a baby swing at a local park.

Layani Maclean and her friends had been taking turns seeing who could fit into the baby swing to get laughs on TikTok. Layani managed to fit into the seat, but getting out was another issue entirely. Layani’s friends and mother had been trying to free her for over an hour when they called firefighters.

Layani, in a tube top and short shorts, hid her face in embarrassment when the fire crew — three men in full uniform — showed up. They unscrewed the swing’s chains from the frame, which Layani could easily reach standing, and finally got her out after greasing up her legs with dish soap.

It certainly wasn’t the first such performance on TikTok — the scene cuts away to an American teen similarly stuck in her seatbelt — but it will certainly stick with Layani. “If you’re not very famous on TikTok, you will be now!” her mother teased as she waited to be freed.