This guy stacks 1,512 Jenga blocks onto one teeny-tiny block

With the excellent stacking expertise of this Jenga master, he was able to balance 1512 blocks in one vertically positioned block.

We are all gifted with different unique talents. Some are blessed with talent in singing, dancing, and acting. However, this guy is genuinely different from the rest.

What he has is somehow difficult to achieve. His expertise is stacking Jenga blocks into one vertical block, earning the right to be called the master of balance.

Amazingly, he breaks his own world record of stacking 1002 blocks with 1512 Jenga blocks. All standing proud in a single block positioned vertically.

But what amazes everyone is his strong determination and composure while stacking those Jenga blocks into their proper places. You’ll see that he definitely loves what he’s doing.

With his record-breaking stacking ability, he shows the world that we could benefit from our talent no matter how insignificant we think about it at first.

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