The reason why ice cream machines at McDonald’s are always “out of order”

Have you ever asked why the McDonalds ice cream machine is always down? The answer to that question will surprise you.

The regular downtime of McDonald’s ice cream machines has become a huge issue worldwide. Many angry customers are questioning the food company as to why they’re allowing this consistent problem to occur.

Since the issue becomes mainstream, more theories and speculations rise regarding the real reason why McDonald’s ice cream machine goes down almost every time.

Some say that the machine needs more time to clean and maintain to achieve its best state. However, that idea isn’t supported by other food companies that use a similar machine.

Surprisingly, the reason lies in the contractor of that ice cream machine, Taylor. Their machines are complicated and challenging to fix that only their technician can handle them properly.

There are possible signs of sabotage and profit generation issues in this case. However, regardless of any conspiracies, McDonald’s are expected to deliver the best service to their customers.

That being said, I hope this goes ultra viral because I feel like that’s the only way things can change for the better. Old relationships between old companies that don’t want things to change account for about 90% of America’s problems in a nutshell. They keep it bad not because they do not want change, but because it is LUCRATIVE not to.

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The reason why ice cream machines at McDonald\'s are always “out of order”