The only vintage Woolworth Luncheonette in all of America

The friendly waiters and cold glass bottles of soda are memories of eating in a Woolworth luncheon that everyone remembers.

The Woolworth stores sold housewares and inexpensive merchandise. It also had a luncheonette to serve hungry customers. The luncheonette was a meeting place for friends.

With black and white floors and red stools at the counter, the luncheonette had a cheerful look. They served food like burgers and chili dogs.

When the stores closed after 100 years in operation, one luncheonette was saved. It was reopened for business at an antique mall in Bakersfield, California.

People go to the Woolworth’s luncheonette to sit on the stools and relive their memories of good times, food, and friendships when they were young.

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