The most heartwarming goodbye from 2-year-old to Grandpa

When someone is both your friend and a family member, the bond between the two is unimaginable. And this lovely 2-year-old couldn’t say goodbye to grandpa without crying.

Colette Louis is the mother of the adorable Camille Madeline Louis, who is just two years old. They live in the state of North Carolina in the USA.

Colette has devoted an Instagram page to her daughter – Camille. Daily, the mother takes videos and pictures of her daughter as a model and has been quite successful so far.

In the video, Colette and Camille are heading to their home after visiting Camille’s grandpa. His name is Tony Collins, and he is a former player from New England Patriots.

As soon as the cute girl catches the air kiss from her grandpa, she barely says “see ya later” and couldn’t handle her tears anymore.

The only thing Camille could say before bursting into tears is, “I hope I see him”. She’s just too adorable to describe, even with all the words in the English language.

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The most heartwarming goodbye from 2-year-old to Grandpa