The best of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares

Have you seen a pigeon in the kitchen? Not? So take a look at a selection of the funniest moments of the kitchen nightmare show.

It’s not so easy to just fix a restaurant problem, but America’s best chef, Gordon Ramsay, will come with his show and help the owner. But is it just it?

“The freshest thing in this kitchen is that pigeon flying around” Gordon Ramsay, Kitchen Nightmares. Check out this compilation for more EPIC quotes.

Gordon isn’t mean at all. He genuinely cares for the restaurants he visits. He just gets angry at the owner’s incompetence.

Did you think you visited the worst restaurant? I’m sure that after watching this compilation from the Kitchen Nightmares show, you will reconsider your opinion.

Sometimes there are restaurants so stubbornly terrible that even a Gordon Ramsay couldn’t change it. Amy’s baking company owners were so bad and aggressive, that they annoyed Gordon until he gave up.

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The best of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares