Texas statewide curriculum updated to require students to learn cursive writing

Cursive writing may not be always necessary but learning how to form the letters is worth the time and effort.

Texas and other states are bringing cursive writing back to statewide curriculums. The skill has been fading away due to the prevalence of computer use.

Studies show that cursive writing is a developmental skill with many benefits for children. Writing in cursive on paper improves students’ memory and eye-hand coordination.

Students who wrote in cursive scored higher on SAT essays than those who wrote in print. Student’s language fluency was also tied to cursive writing.

Educators say that curriculum development is a time-consuming, but worthwhile process. Not all parents are convinced though, because they think cursive writing wastes students’ time.

The debate continues between school educators, research scientists, and parents about whether teaching writing as a separate subject is a productive use of classroom time.

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