Teen scouts save kids who fell into frozen pond – Let’s praise them for their bravery

Not only did these five teen boys save the lives of two small children, but they also didn’t go around acting like they deserved a medal afterward.

New Jersey was overdue for a good snowfall. When it finally happened, two small kids, aged 8 and 4, were excited to go sledding for the first time in their lives.

Parks were either closed or crowded, so the quest to find a good hill was in full swing. They found one that didn’t seem to be in use at all. It was time to have fun.

The real kicker was that there was a pond nearby, but it was so far away that the two kids and their parents didn’t think anything about it. That proved to be a mistake.

One odd ricochet later and the two kids and their inflatable sled was shot out to the pond where freezing water was waiting for the errant sled.

Five teenage boys were nearby and wasted no time getting the kids to safety. They were hailed as heroes afterward, but they were very humble about the whole thing.

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