Teen blackbelt shares self-defense move every senior should know

Jeffrey Wall’s dedication to teaching karate even in troubled times is amazing.

Jeffrey Wall, the founder of Golden Age Karate, is a patient and likable teacher. Just a few minutes on his YouTube page will show you that he has a knack for this. YouTube may not have been his instruction method of choice, but he is adapting in challenging times.

Before he moved to the internet, Wall was teaching seniors at his local nursing homes karate basics. It helped keep them active, alert, and took them outside of their comfort zone. Watching him interact with these seniors is refreshing and inspiring.

Now, he has to teach them from home. Due to difficult circumstances, Wall had to begin teaching his favorite seniors through YouTube videos. Now, people around the world are tuning in to learn from Wall.

The seniors he’s taught say they haven’t been the same since. It’s a great opportunity to get out of their comfort zone and learn a new skill, regain the confidence they’ve lost, and spend time with their peers.

Now, Wall teaches online and through doors for his younger students. This young man is going places, and with this patient tone and great instruction style, we aren’t surprised.

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Teen blackbelt shares self-defense move every senior should know