Stunning Timelapse Shows Visual Masterpiece of Seasons Changing in Europe

This world is full of visually stunning places that can leave you speechless. We all know that to see the world, it’s going to cost you quite a pretty penny. Thanks to the rise in technology, we’re able to bring some of the beauty to you in the comfort of your home.

A Dutch filmmaker named Albert Dros made a breathtaking 4k timelapse that travels throughout the stunning city of Amersterdam. Dros is a proud resident and wanted to show the world how remarkable his home town is all year-round.

Albert says that there aren’t words to describe how impressive the skyscrapers are or how ravishing the landscape is that surrounds the city. That’s why he decided to capture two-years worth of footage for everyone to see.

The natural wonders are absolutely sensational, and the innovative modern architecture of the city will have you reaching for your passport. From fog to rain to giant Christmas trees, there’s something in Amsterdam that everyone will adore.