Strong bikers sit united in court, so children feel safe when they face their abusers

Any child who is too intimidated to tell their story would feel empowered by becoming a part of this biker family.

These men may look menacing, but they represent the best of society by pledging to protect abused children as a member of their biker family.

BACA bikers are background checked and trained to provide friendship and support to children who have been abused and are afraid for over twenty years.

BACA can provide support when counselors, lawyers, or families contact them in a time of need. Family members sometimes do not believe in abused children’s stories.

Children working with BACA improve their attitudes, their grades, and their ability to verbalize their stories in court because they feel protected by the bikers.

Families are grateful for BACA’s help. Mothers often feel powerless in a co-dependent abusive relationship. Depending on BACA helps lessen their stress in a courtroom.

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