Speeding Train Slams Into Huge Wall of Snow As Man Captures Everything on Camera

Through sleet, snowstorm or ice, the freight must get through. In Canada, there are many months where the cold weather might interfere with transportation.

In this video, you will meet the snow train. Locomotive 2304 (ES44DC) was on its way from Moncton New Brunswick to Saint John, New Brunswick.

Since the east coast of Canada had been overwhelmed with three snowstorms, the drifts were piled high, but the freight still must get through.

That snow train must have had a snow catcher in front where the traditional cowcatcher usually exists. As you watch the train coming closer, at times, it looks like a giant mole tunneling through the snow.

The images on the video make you wonder what the engineer was experiencing from the engine compartment. It must have seemed like the entire world was buried in snow.

The fascination with this video has gone viral with thirteen million views.