Skilled Former NASA Engineer Creates Intricate Obstacle Course for Mischievous Squirrels

Birdwatching can be a relaxing way to spend your free time while enjoying the great outdoors. Former NASA engineer Mark Rober had a plethora of birdseed feeders in his yard with hopes of seeing what they’d attract.

Rober got quite the surprise when he found out that sneaky squirrels were the ones eating up all of the birdseed he put out. Using his history as an engineer, Mark had a genius idea of creating an obstacle course for the sly rodents.

This wasn’t any typical obstacle course with a few tricks and trials. Rober made a detailed and intricate maze that you’d see on shows like American Ninja Warrior. The best part about the entire thing? The squirrels seemed to love it.

The extremely challenging obstacle course had eight different sections for the bushy-tailed critters to get through before reaching the seed. While he may not get to watch as many birds as he’d like, it’s safe to say that Mark has found something far more entertaining.