Shocking 1960s Manicure Tips Showcase How the Beauty Industry Has Changed

One of the most profitable industries in the world is the beauty industry. It’s worth billions of dollars thanks to makeup, hair products, skincare, and even nail care. Just like everything else, the beauty industry has changed over the years.

Manicures have always been a popular way to showcase some of your personality through your looks. In the 1960s, things like nail polish and long nails were becoming a trend that people subscribed to trying.

Everything from the polish, the tools, and the techniques were quite different back then. If you broke a nail in the 1960s, you’d fix it by adding several layers of nail polish. If you wanted your nails to dry quickly, you’d dip them in ice water.

Women were even advised on how to prevent nicotine stains on a fresh set of nails. These classic tips are incredibly outdated, and techniques like the ice water bath can actually harm your manicure. It’s jaw-dropping to see how much has changed over the years.