Proof that the ‘Monkey Drill’ is the epitome of Marine discipline

In extreme heat or cold, these marine recruits show a talent for coordination. Drills like these are why only the best of the best join the corps.

The corps is unlike any other branch of service in America. Marines are disciplined, strong, and are always in the correct position. Before graduation, formations like the monkey drill are necessary to show that they are ready for the big leagues.

At first, it seems like normal marching with the usual cadence in the background. As the orders change, the group splits up into four different sections. It’s amazing how in sync they are, never bumping into one another, and never losing their place.

Those four sections then move on their own, all in perfect form. When a completely different group runs on alongside their drill, the attention of the marines stays laser-sharp.

It’s this type of focus that can mean life or death in the heat of a battle. By following orders without distractions, marines can accomplish their mission objective.

Conditions are not always ideal for doing drills. That never stands in the way of marine recruits, as they march on with a singular vision. Such keen attention to detail is unappreciated in other professions. With a marine, it is just another part of the job.